Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cantrell Motorsports has put together a fantastic winter track day adventure and there is one more spot left. 

This is kind of last minute and it isn't cheap but it is going to be an AMAZING trip!!!!!!!! - March 1-2nd - March 28-29th (Chuckwalla) - April 24-26th

The only required event is COTA. How often will you have the opportunity to drive an F1 track? 

All the events (except Thermal Club) will be run by

The Thermal Club is a private track and getting access to it is very rare. 

Cantrell's truck it leaving around Jan 9-12th. So this means your car would be in So Cal/Texas until May. 

If you have any interest give Colin a call at 425-746-8960

Monday, May 28, 2012

Beta testing the CMS Lap Timer Pro video data overlay features.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting Started

You mainly need these things:

- The app, which you get from the iTunes App Store for $15 (
- A GPS module about $100
- A way to mount the iPhone in your car

The two best GPS modules are the Bad-Elf and Emprum Ultimate-GPS. The latter is currently the best choice because it supports a GPS position update rate of 5 times a second. All the other choices are currently only supporting 1 per second. However, the Bad-Elf should support unto 10 times a second very soon. My suggestion is to wait until close to Xmas before ordering a GPS module since the all cost about $100 and the Bad-Elf has the best potential.

The simplest mounting solution is a windshield mount. I like the ones available from Ram Mount. If you have a roll bar, then I like the Ram-Mount V-Mount.

More info is available here:

You also need an in-car power adaptor. I prefer the higher rated ones so it can also charge my iPad in the car. And, I prefer the ones that have a USB adaptor in them so, again, I can use it for charging other USB compatible devices.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Testing video support in CMS Lap Timer Pro

Quite impressed with the video quality from the iPhone4, iPod Touch4 and iPad2...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Introducing CMS Analysis for the Mac

cmsAnalysis provides the same data analysis for the Mac as is provided in CMS Lap Timer Pro for iOS devices.

cmsAnalysis for the Mac:

Uncompress the ZiP file and drag the app where ever you like in the Finder;
Applications or Desktop for example.

To transfer files from the iTouch onto the Mac:

- Email them to yourself and then save them on the Mac


- Via iTunes File Sharing:
1. In CMS Lap Timer Pro on the iTouch, tap on the Runs tab and select
Export to iTunes from the Actions menu
2. Connect device to Mac
3. Select device in iTunes
4. Select Apps tab
5. Scroll to bottom until to the File Sharing section
6. Select CMSLapTimerPro
7. Select files and drag them a folder in Finder or click on Save button
and select a folder

In cmsAnalysis, click on the Run button and go to the folder where you saved
your runs and select one. If you don't have a beacon setup, it is the
same process as in the iTouch CMS Lap Timer Pro app.

Enjoy and send feedback:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Introducting CMS Lap Timer Pro

The Pro version of the lap timer is now available in the App Store

The Pro version adds full data acquisition and graphical data analysis.

Check it out!

GPS modules

The following GPS modules have been tested with the lap timers:

GPS ModuleProsCons

TomTom Car Kit

  • Includes speaker

  • Includes Bluetooth hands free

  • Includes (is the) iTouch mount

  • Charges the iTouch

  • Slightly harder to position iTouch properly

  • Requires an extension cable to use with an iPad

  • Requires an extension cable to mount "remotely" from iTouch

  • Not suitable for placement outside the vehicle (like on the roof)

Bad Elf GPS Receiver

  • No rechargeable battery to worry about

  • Will soon support 5Hz and 10Hz high resolution GPS updates

  • Requires an extension cable to mount "remotely" (on the roof of a car) from iTouch

  • Optionally requires a iTouch mount

GNS 5870 MFI GPS Bluetooth Receiver

  • Easy to mount anywhere

  • Require Bluetooth pairing with iTouch

  • Need to remember to keep the battery charged.

  • Easy to turn on/off accidentally

  • Optionally requires a iTouch mount

Dual Electronics XGPS150 Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver

  • Easy to mount anywhere

  • Require Bluetooth pairing with iTouch

  • Need to remember to keep the battery charged.

  • Optionally requires a iTouch mount