Saturday, April 23, 2011

CMS Lap Timer Pro Support

Please use comments to this entry to post bug reports, comments and feature requests.

Also, please rate the app in the App Store.  If there something you don't like or would like to suggest changes or features, please send an email.

Getting Started:

You mainly need these things:

- The app, which you get from the iTunes App Store
- A GPS module about $100
- A way to mount the iPhone in your car

The two best GPS modules are the Bad-Elf and Emprum Ultimate-GPS. The latter is currently the best choice because it supports a GPS position update rate of 5 times a second. All the other choices are currently only supporting 1 per second. However, the Bad-Elf should support upto 10 times a second very soon. My suggestion is to wait until close to Xmas before ordering a GPS module since the all cost about $100 and the Bad-Elf has the best potential.

The simplest mounting solution is a windshield mount. I like the ones available from Ram Mount. If you have a roll bar, then I like the Ram-Mount V-Mount.

More info is available here:

You also need an in-car power adaptor. I prefer the higher rated ones so it can also charge my iPad in the car. And, I prefer the ones that have a USB adaptor in them so, again, I can use it for charging other USB compatible devices.